massage bed, heated, massage, massage therapist, massage bellingham, Emma J Morgan, Emma, Morgan, swedish relaxation, bellingham, wa, washington, deep tissue, neck, back, foot, chairDeep Tissue Massage
Firm pressure that targets the deeper layers of muscles and fascia, usually focused on a specific body region. Pressure starts moderate and increases as the tissue warms up to accomplish muscle stretching and flexibility.

Swedish Relaxation Massage-
This type of massage uses long, smooth kneading and circular strokes with light to moderate pressure to increase circulation and promote relaxation. Also incorporating aromatherapy mists for relaxation.

Sports Massage-
Rehabilitation-based massage using positional release, myofascial release and range of motion techniques. The main goal of this type of massage is to stretch and elongate the muscle bellies and release built up toxins in the body.

Chair Massage (on-site)
I bring my massage chair to your location (office, home, party) and perform many 10 to 15 minute massages concentrating on the upper back/neck region.

Treatment Massage
This massage is focused more on a specific area of the body, whether it is an injury, surgery site, or a body system like lymphatic drainage/facilitation for example. We will focus our time and energy on that specific area, these massages can vary from 30 minutes to 90 minutes.